Bauhaus a solar powered cruising houseboat London

Bauhaus a solar powered cruising houseboat London

Bauhaus Barge build in 2010 in Britain is a ground breaking electrically powered cruising houseboat, combining sophisticated insulation with well proven energy producing devices and energy saving appliances offering all comfort, having a lower environmental impact than comparable cruising barges, houseboats or indeed most flats or houses. Soundtrack by Bauhaus
What makes bauhaus unique is the combination of the technologies employed such as 25m² PV solar system, lynch motor, 40kw/h battery bank, superior steel work (floating tank), Passivhaus standard insulation, Studer inverter, charge controller and so on. Because all the technologies used on bauhaus have evolved further your dream boat can be built with a lighter yet higher capacity battery, more powerful motor and a 3-5kw PV system from £120k. Check out Panasonic Hit and Sunpower e20. Bauhaus Barge is absolutely unique and the concept is based on the manifesto of the Bauhaus school, using basic forms to create objects which are primarily functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Through its unique design and layout Bauhaus offers much more internal space than many Dutch barges or double width narrow boats but importantly has exactly the same if not better manoeuvrability than any other vessel of this size.

For those interested in more balanced and factual reporting concerning renewables, fossil including fracking and nuclear supplement your news diet with

….that’s the equivalent of BBC world service

equivalent of BBC

I sincerely hope that press, public and politicians will start nourishing a more meaningful factual and less emotional debate regarding energy generation and supply, have a 2016 evidence/facts based debate not debating current or past projections/estimates.

Often nuclear power or fracking are portrait as bridging technologies but that’s not true and many countries have proven that decarbonisation using genuine renewables is possible within years not decades.

Data from Germany show that wind and solar in fact complement each other, (no storage issue) and all we need for the near future is more of both and importantly a grid which can distribute the electricity efficiently. Denmark harvests over 40%, Spain over 20% and Scotland nearly 60% of its electricity from wind, all installed in one decade. While the running (free fuel) and installation cost of genuine renewables have steadily declined the running, maintenance and disposal cost of nuclear and fossil have steadily increased. Now we have not even applied the ‘polluter pays principle’… The cost of storing nuclear waste is enormous and there is not one successful decommissioning of a nuclear plant in the world, neither a permanent long term resting place for any of the waste.

If it all goes to plan we will subsidise yet another nuclear folly with billions in exchange for some electricity to be on the grid by 2023. To put it in perspective, the 16 nuclear reactors currently on the grid in the UK produced under 64 Terawatt hours of energy in 2015 or 18.87%. By contrast Renewables in the UK produced in 2015 nearly 25%.

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The 2014 World Nuclear Industry Status Report or the Renewable 2015 World Status Report are neither challenged nor disputed by the nuclear or fossil industry.

So if you want to reduce carbon emissions quickly, reduce our dependents to foreign fuel and investment, create a decentralised energy network, create employment for many, distribute wealth, inspire others and have a thriving sustainable future genuine renewables are the answers!
Here something on subsidies:

Here some supportive news concerning renewables: