Building An EcoHome & Why You Don't Want A South Array.

Building An EcoHome & Why You Don't Want A South Array.

Today we are talking about building sustainable homes also known as ECO Homes. I am joined by Dean Fielding a developer of homes and the owner of newly created EcoHomes they plan to build very high quality and highly efficient eco houses. That not only look attractive but use some fantastic new technology including Tesla Solar Roof titles and also heat recovery systems. He’s also drawing into his skill base of old forgotten building practices that are far more green and sustainable. Using a mixture of his skills he’s able to offer a more cost effective eco home and lock in co2 and carbon. His project plans to be offgrid with the grid mainly used as a way to export any unused solar energy. Did we mention there be NO gas which the government will be banning on new builds anyway in 2025.

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