Global Power Systems – Step into a Safe World (Lightning Protection System, Surge Protection Device)

Global Power Systems – Step into a Safe World (Lightning Protection System, Surge Protection Device)

Engineers team of 20+ years experience in the field of Direct Strike Lightning Protection System, Surge Protection Devices, Grounding / Earthing Solutions, Exothermic Welding and Bonded System. Global Power Systems (GPS) is a specialized hub to provide the total lightning protection solutions.

What is Lightning & how it is happening?

Storm clouds (thunderheads) are electrically charged bodies suspended in the atmosphere. The air serves as an insulator, separating the electrical charge of the cloud from the ground or other clouds. During a storm, these changes continue to build and induce a similar charge of opposite polarity onto the earth. The charge induced onto the earth is concentrated at the surface just under the cloud and is roughly the same size and shape as the cloud. A strong field is established between the cloud and ground. If there are structures or trees between the earth and storm cloud, they will likewise become charged. With a smaller air gap between these high points and the cloud, there is greater likelihood that they will attract a strike.


Early streamer emitting air terminals are designed to emit a streamer early in the streamer-formation phase of a lightning strike, thereby becoming the preferred lightning attachment point.

As the ground charge builds immediately before the lightning strike, the ESE air terminal accumulates ground charge. In the instant before the strike, when the stepped leaders are branching down from the cloud, the ESE terminal emits a series of pulses of ground charge, forming a streamer from itself before streamers emit from other structures. Its streamer reaches the stepped leaders before competing streamers, thereby winning the competition. Ground charge accumulation and streamer triggering by an ESE air terminal.


Damage from electrical transients or surges, is one of the leading causes of electrical/electronic equipment failure. An electrical transient is a short duration, high-energy impulse that is imparted on the normal electrical power system whenever there is a sudden change in the electrical circuit. They can originate from a variety of sources, both internal and external to a facility. Power surges are short duration voltage and current impulses that occur continuously in electrical distribution systems. Lightning, utility activities such as load or capacity bank switching and surges from motor drivers are all examples of power surges.

A surge protection device (SPD) is designed to divert high-current surges to ground and bypass your equipment, thereby limiting the voltage that is impressed on the equipment. The best means of protecting your electrical equipment from high-energy electrical surges is to install SPD’s strategically throughout your facility. Considering that surges can originate from both internal and external sources, SPDs should be installed to provide maximum protection regardless of the source location.

RTEK (USA) is an international company which provide comprehensive protection solution against lightning hazards. Our products technology and related engineering service involve in the field of lightning strike protection, surge protection and electrical grounding.

Powered by U.S. derived technology, RTEK possesses the cutting-edge surge protection technology in the world. We are the specialized manufacturer who are able to offer comprehensive surge protection solutions for Solar project, Wind power projects, Industrial solutions, etc.


JK EARTHING ELECTRODES are duly tested & certified from CPRI (Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore), Government of India to ensure the performance of short-circuit handling capacity.

JK RESLOW grounding minerals are duly analyzed and the compositions are certified by NABL & BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards), Government of India accredited laboratory.

JK RESLOW grounding minerals which will be used around the earth electrodes at the time of installation. RESLOW grounding minerals is a high conductivity carbon based ground enhancing natural minerals with low solubility but very hygroscopic. It is made of an electrolyte base, which is what contributes to the conductivity of the mixture.

High effective resistance reduction – The resistivity of compound is far lower than that of the soil. During construction, gelling liquid (presence in the RESLOW compound) penetrates into the soil and freezes, thus forming grounding piece contacting with the earth electrode closely. Therefore, the effective contact area between the earth electrode and the compound layer are increased and the contact resistance between them is reduced which is beneficial to the current discharge. The natural feature of strong absorbent and moisture retention in the reslow grounding minerals ensure the retention of the ohmic value for a long time.