This black and white film is one of a 1950-1960 television series Industry on Parade, produced by the National Association of Manufacturers; an Arthur Lodge Productions Inc. This is a single segment about water consumption and efforts to reclaim that water. Water is shown being consumed: Irrigation sprinklers spray water on crops in the California San Joaquin Valley. Boys drink out of pedestal water fountains. A young girl fills a shallow pool as her brother jumps in. A woman washes dishes in a porcelain kitchen sink. Fireman stand by a No. 10 fire truck spraying water from a fire hose (:44-1:23). Teenagers leave the dock in a motorized rowboat. A Commercial Barge Lines Inc. boat transports new cars and trucks (1:25-1:55). Water is sprayed on copper ore to purify it. Spray painting in a factory uses water to carry off overspray. Turbines move water for hydroelectricity (1:56-2:50). The sun beats down on rolling ocean waves. Hunters walk through a heavy rain. The rocks in a flowing stream are shown up-close 2:51-4:10). A desert landscape is panned by the camera. The dry soil is tested for moisture absorption. A roller is pulled over the surface, punching in holes to water will be absorbed in the next rain (4:11-4:50). On a couple’s Oregon property, a 1950s station wagon with roof rack is owned by Portland General Electric (PGE). A surveyor’s wheel measures the distance to lay pipe. A small dam with a pump is built (4:51-6:22). A model shows California dams. Multiple dams have water pouring over them (6:23-6:49). The California Laguna Municipal Reservoir is lined with sheets of waterproof asphalt, shown being installed using adhesive (6:50-7:53). An experimental chemical covering to retard evaporation is shown at the San Antonio Southwest Research Institute. A researcher in a rowboat checks wind velocity and deploys a chemical raft (7:54-8:50). A New Jersey frozen food processing plant sprays used water back into a forest (8:51-9:55). A man wearing a “Trees for Tomorrow Conservation Group” t-shirt rides in a cart pulled by a tractor digging a row, inserting small trees. Grown fir trees are shown (9:56-10:38). Logs move up through water at a lumber mill. The researchers at the Appleton Institute of Paper Chemistry are shown performing experiments on pulp. One experiment pours used water into a fish tank. Electrically charged membranes are stacked to purify saltwater at Ionics Incorporated. An executive drinks the water to prove it (10:39-12:13). Water flows out of a pond pump and through a ditch (12:14-13:05).

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