Interview and Pasture Walk with Greg Judy (part I)

Interview and Pasture Walk with Greg Judy (part I)

Interview and pasture walk with Greg Judy

I recently took a road trip in my 1970 Chevelle from Kansas to Arkansas to attend a two-day regenerative grazing workshop led by Greg Judy. While there, I had the opportunity to interview Greg and record two pasture walks. In this first of two videos, I interview greg and then share the pasture walk from day one of the work shop. In the next video, I share the day two pasture walk. The two videos are long, but contain a wealth of wisdom and applicable information!

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About the African Homestead:
In 2019, my family and I will relocate from Liberia’s capital city, Monrovia, to the edge of a small village in the interior of the country. Before moving, we need to build an off grid homestead. The project includes construction of a house, garage/shop, schoolhouse, and training center, where we will lead training ranging from permaculture design to theology.

On this channel, we will cover many aspects of homesteading and self-sufficiency / self-reliance. Subjects will be a mix of vlogs and DIY projects, including primitive and modern construction, solar power, micro-hydro power (hopefully), selectively harvesting trees and milling lumber on-site for the construction of our house and other structures, Practicing Farming God’s Way, natural farming, permaculture, and organic agriculture that includes kitchen gardens, food forests, composting, and more, all in a tropical environment.

We will also cover multiple types of livestock. Everything from raising chickens, rabbits, goats, pigs, and (maybe) cows, ranging from breeding, to milking, to butchering.

As part of self sufficiency, after growing our own food, we will share how to preserve it, from curing and smoking meats like bacon, to canning and fermenting veggies from the garden. Of course, we will be sharing some of our favorite recipes too!

On many of these endeavors, we will be learning as we go, which means we will make mistakes and have failures, all of which, we will share with you.

Thanks for joining us on the journey!

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