Lead Crystal vs Lead Acid Battery – Which is best for Solar Power?

Lead Crystal vs Lead Acid Battery – Which is best for Solar Power?

I show the initial results of my lead crystal battery testing.
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This is a test to see if a lead crystal battery lives up to the claims that it can be cycled to full depth of charge (and beyond) without too much harm. I’ll log the results and compare to a standard lead acid battery.

Thanks to ExSolar for the Lead Crystal battery used in this test: www.exsolar.co.za

More info on Lead Crystal Batteries:

Items used or mentioned in this video:

* Metrix MX3282 Graphical multimeter with data logging, dual channels for power measurement.
* 220 volt mains relay – double pole, double throw.
* 12 volt car / auto light.
* Battery Tender / Power Tender Plus 12V Compact Charger
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* What is a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery? (also called LFP battery)
* Charging of solar power battery bank.
* Trojan golf cart batteries.
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* Power Kingdom PS18-12 – Lead Acid
* Betta Batteries 6-CNFJ-22 – Lead Crystal