LIFE with ZOE | Day 06: Late for Work (Renault Zoe Electric Car)

LIFE with ZOE | Day 06: Late for Work (Renault Zoe Electric Car)

Day 06: Late for Work*

* Overnight charging failure

So after getting home late, I put the ZOE on charge around 10pm. It suggested the charging would be complete around 4am which is just before I need to head to work the following morning.

That’s fine…


I woke to find that the Chargemaster charging system in my garage cut out around midnight. So at 4am, I was presented with only having a car that was 50% charged or around 80 miles of travel or so.

I had to wait till I had the bare minimum charge that I thought MIGHT be able to get to work and back with….without charging further.

Or did I?


I’ve just purchased and taken ownership of a new fully electric car from Renault.

The Zoe.

After having a rather lot of “fun” with range issues the last time I owned an electric car a few years back, I thought I’d document the comings and goings of daily life with a fully electric car this time around.

I have a 130-mile return journey to my work in West London, travelling pretty much all the way from the coast in Southampton.

The “real world” mileage of the ZOE is 185 miles. So, in theory, I can easily do the return journey without needing a charge.

There’s bound to be some fun come the winter months, however, when there’s a greater drain on the battery.

If you have any questions or thinking about moving to an all-electric car, do get in touch.

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Shot on: GoPro Hero 5



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