Rachel Platten: Never Give Up on Your Dreams

Rachel Platten: Never Give Up on Your Dreams



So many times we give up on our dreams because of deadlines we put on ourselves. There have been plenty of moments when I felt like things were taking too long or like I was getting too old. It’s those moments we need to look within and understand why we are doing it. Find our real purpose.

Do you want to be an author to hit the New York Times bestseller list or because you want to have people read your work? Is it because you want your message out there or so that you can make your profile bio look great? My feeling is that your purpose should always be to serve. Serving other people brings fulfillment to yourself. Reaping the material rewards is just a bonus.

Remember, you’re never too old. It’s never too late for your dreams to come true. Our guest today, Rachel Platten, didn’t reach her mega-success in music until she was 32 – when most people would have given up on their dreams. Rachel is an incredibly hard working person. She kept pushing and pursuing her dreams for over ten years before anyone noticed. She was doing small intimate gigs and performing for people in hospitals.

When her hit song Fight Song came out it wasn’t an instant success. She was devastated and lost in her definition of success.

She was certain it would sell millions of records and hit the charts. After reaching an all-time emotional low, feeling her only chance passed her by, she began to reflect on herself.

The reason she got into making music was because she loved it for herself and she loved the connection it gave her with people. She came to the conclusion that playing hospitals and small venues was enough for her to feel happy. After that revelation, it was only a few weeks later that her song became a hit. She let go of her ego and trusted in the process. Doesn’t sound like coincidence to me.

Discover all of Rachel’s incredible story and much more, on Episode 572.

Show notes:

What’s the thing you’re most grateful for and inspired by this year? (7:05)

Did you always feel like you were looking for outside approval? (8:44)

How did you stay dedicated to your dream for years before anything happened? (10:01)

Why was music shut down in your life for a while? (17:39)

Do you get nervous on stage? (18:56)

Who was your greatest teacher? (20:37)

Do you doubt yourself now? (22:14)

How do you find confidence? (23:17)

What’s been your most memorable moment on stage? (25:23)

Whose opinion matters the most to you right now? (27:42)

Did you work other jobs while you were starting? (34:07)

How has becoming famous affected your marriage? (37:17)

Who have you been jealous of most in your career? (43:43)

What do you think is your highest purpose? (47:46)

In this episode you will learn:

Rachel’s experience performing at hospitals (10:50)

What it was like to perform in front of 80,000 people in Trinidad (14:08)

The importance of staying on mission (24:11)

How Rachel realized she didn’t need the approval of others (28:38)

What it was like performing small shows for years (32:13)

How she survived living in the city (35:07)

The dream her husband is pursuing (40:01)

How she’s not afraid to go to places others are (42:53)

When a big dream becomes a delusion (44:40)

How you begin to lose yourself (52:31)

Plus much more…