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Solar Energy Advantages | Solar Energy Companies | Solar Power Information | Deal | Deals


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What are the advantages of solar panels over other more traditional forms of energy production? The truth is there are so many advantages it is difficult to know where to begin. Solar panels offer you the opportunity to power your home cleanly and efficiently without depending on fossil fuels or even a paycheck! Once you have made the initial investment for equipment you could theoretically enjoy bill free electricity.

More and more people have discovered that they can build and install solar panels themselves. The do-it-yourself enthusiast can now purchase all the components for a simple to moderately complex solar energy system, assemble the panels and install them in a matter of days.

Renewable Energy

The sun is in no danger of being depleted, no matter how many people set up solar panels to collect energy the sun will not be depleted. This is refreshing when you consider the only types of energy commercially available at the moment are based on fossil fuels that are quickly being depleted. Once all the coal, oil and natural gas are gone that is it, there will not be anymore. It takes thousands if not millions of years to replenish these stores. Suffice it to say if we run out, we better have an alternative energy plan in place!

As people try to become more eco-friendly, the corporate world is starting to respond by developing renewable energy that will generate electricity from solar, wind and geothermal sources. We are seeing the birth of solar and wind farms on a much larger scale, and once the logistics of delivery to the consumer are resolved, the overall reduction in the cost of energy should be realized by all.

Clean Energy

Have you ever thought about how many pollutants are in the air thanks to the current methods for creating energy? Burning coal and other fossil fuels to heat and cool your home results in thousands of pounds of pollutants. Carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and various other pollutants are released into the air and water each and every day from coal burning electric plants. All of this could be avoided with proper use of solar panels and renewable energy systems.

Lower Your Bills

If you are like many people you want a definitive figure on exactly how much you can save on your electric or energy costs. This number will vary from one person to the next depending on your geographical location, energy consumption habits and current age of electric appliances such as dryers, hot water heaters and air conditioners. The newer your appliances and the better you manage your consumption the more money you could potentially save. The secret is to start small and build your system over time, with the eventual goal of completely replacing all of your energy needs by natural, renewable sources.

Increasing Technology Levels

Over the years, technology has increased at a rapid rate and as the interest in solar panels increases, the price will go down. Part of this is the law of supply and demand, as more people demand the technology companies will begin to mass-produce it driving down costs to everyone concerned. Sometimes it takes a potential catastrophe to push industry to make the changes the world so desperately needs.


The cost of having solar panels installed professionally can be prohibitive; some estimates have a simple system at $25,000 or more. The good news is you can make these solar panels yourself with a little know how, hard work and instruction. Do not wait until tomorrow to begin creating your self-sufficient clean green energy. State and federal governments are now responding to the energy crisis in the form of rebates and subsidies that reduce the initial investment to the consumer. There has never been a better time to consider joining the eco-friendly revolution with the use of renewable energy.

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