Solar PV Battery Storage

Solar PV Battery Storage

Today’s myth is dealing with Solar PV Panels and Battery Storage. Many people have heard that installing a solar PV panel system in your home requires a backup battery or storage system. However, this is not the truth.

Solar PV systems can include battery storage, however this is an optional part of the renewable energy system. There are some advantages to having a battery backup or energy storage for your solar PV system, such as having power during a blackout. For most people, the cost of the battery storage for their solar PV panel system outweighs these advantages.

Having battery storage for the solar pv panels in your home will be able to power a small section of appliances or medical equipment, but it will not be able to provide the power needed for your entire home. We would be happy to provide a free in-home consultation to discuss the cost of battery storage if you are thinking about installing solar PV panels in your home.

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