Solar PV to go with my Kona and Zappi. Why I've added solar.

Solar PV to go with my Kona and Zappi. Why I've added solar.

More green, energy efficient infrastructure.
But hang on I’m not particularly a green advocate…or am I?

It’s all part of the master plan.
Move from diesel to EV.
Add a Zappi for flexibility
Add solar to reduce my energy costs
Replace the oil boiler with …(next step)

The plan is simple. Keep my energy costs low so I can enjoy my retirement more. Replace diesel with electricity, which increases my electricity costs.
Install solar PV which reduces my electricity costs back down.
Just oil to go.

Solar doesn’t justify in my books unless you can consume a high proportion of what you produce. Feeding the grid with free energy isn’t my idea of good financial sense. Being paid to produce energy and then use it yourself. That makes sense.

At 13.5p per unit / kWh and consumption of around 3,200 units before my Kona Electric arrived that’s £432 of costs to try to save and increases every year plus costs for charging the Kona , potentially another £360 (12000/4.5(mls/kWh) =2,666 X 13.5p) presuming no public charging.

That’s 5,866 units of electric consumption and a potential 3,200 units generated per annum. Hoping to utilise 2,000 of the generated units that’s a payback in 8yrs.
Any greater generation or greater utilisation of that generated and payback will be sooner.. although including the cost of money payback is more like 10yrs.

It will be interesting to see what the actual savings are.

UK Kona Electric specs:


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