The Solar options Part 1 – Flat plat collectors | EESL

The Solar options Part 1 – Flat plat collectors | EESL

Complete syllabus of EESL :
total marks 120
technical marks 80
4 part of technical syllabus provided by EESL is as

(a) Question may be asked from the following books for the BEE Certified Energy
Manager/ Auditor Exam (used for qualifying for Certified Energy Manager). The names
of the books are :
1. General Aspects of Energy Management and Energy Audit
2. Energy Efficiency in Thermal Utilities
3. Energy Efficiency in Electrical Utilities
4. Energy Performance Assessment for Equipment and Utility Systems

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(b) Basic Electrical Engineering (Electrical Technology Vol. 1) – Author : BL Thereja. The
topics are as follows :
1. The Electric Current & Ohm’s Law
2. Network Theorems
3. Work, Power and Energy
4. Electromagnetic Induction
5. Electrical Instruments and Measurement
6. Introduction to Electrical Energy Generation

(c) Solar Energy – Principles of Thermal Collection and Storage – Authors : SP Sukhatme & JK Nayak.
The Topics are as follows:
1. The Solar Options
2. Type of Instruments for measuring Solar Radiation and Sunshine
3. Transmissivity Based on Reflection-Refraction
4. Sky Temperature
5. Manufacturing Process of Solar Cell
6. Solar Street Light
7. Various Angles used in Solar Calculations
8. Snell’s Law
9. Calculations related to Plant Capacity
10. Type of Storage Systems

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d. In addition, general questions may be asked regarding energy efficiency initiatives made
by EESL/ Govt. Of India for Energy Efficiency – for example schemes like UJALA, SLNP,AJAY,E -MOBILITY etc