UNGER WindowPro – Sprays, cleans and dries in one simple step

UNGER WindowPro – Sprays, cleans and dries in one simple step

Everybody wants sparkling clean windows. But nobody has time for laborious cleaning nor do they want to bother with moving furniture around or climbing ladders – something which can be dangerous in itself.
And it is all completely unnecessary, too!

If you do not want to have to think about window cleaning, but would rather simply get going, work in a comfortable manner and achieve squeaky clean results, then the WindowPro is the tool for you. The window cleaning device for indoor and outdoor glass surfaces sprays, cleans and dries in just one working step – super quick, simple to use and streak-free results guaranteed.
The WindowPro allows you to master the following situations just like the pros.

The result? Professionally cleaned, streak-free windows in just one “swipe”.

Particularly sustainable: you can clean up to 50m2 of glass surfaces – equivalent to approximately 30 standard windows – with each re-usable. You can then comfortably wash the WindowPro microfiber pad in the washing machine up to 500 times. The provided, high-performance glass cleaner is sufficient for approx. 77m2, equivalent to around 45 standard windows.

Achieving streak-free windows really can be that easy – trust in UNGER and get guaranteed professional quality in your own home!