Why All Phones Got Rid of Their Headphone Jacks

Why All Phones Got Rid of Their Headphone Jacks

Modern tech is ever-changing. Nobody needed a power bank 10 years ago. Now, they are common since we need to charge our mega powerful phones on the go. Internet surfing was slow and not very convenient because of the small RAM and single-core processor. With such a low screen resolution 10 years ago, you couldn’t watch movies or videos on your phone for long.

You look back just a few years ago and think, “Remember when mobile games weren’t even a thing? Ah, yes – headphone jacks and home buttons – those were the days!” (Just wait until you see what the future has in store!) But for now, check out some past vs. present…

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Power banks 0:23
Tablets 1:05
E-readers 1:53
Phones 2:34
Headphones 3:50
Gaming laptops 4:27
Portable consoles 4:57
Watching movies 5:28
The Internet 6:07
Super memory discs 7:00
Rolling screens 7:26
Phones 7:46
Augmented Reality 8:01
A.I. 8:41

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Bangkok, Thailand – January 13, 2016 : Bottom view of Apple iPhone 5s with 3.5mm headphone jack and Lightning connector: By Wachiwit/
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– Now, the iPad and other tablets are full-fledged mini-computers. You can already connect a mouse, keyboard, and gamepad to them.
– In the early 2010s, switching paper books for electronic ones was a trend on the rise. But this reading-of-the-future started out on computer and phone screens – inconvenient, to say the least. Thus, a new gadget emerged: e-readers.
– Early smartphones didn’t have front-facing cameras, which meant you had to guess if your selfie is centered in the frame!
– 10 years ago, Bluetooth headphones were a small wire that could be hung around the neck. It had a mini remote with buttons to switch songs and change the volume.
– A new type has appeared – portable gaming laptops. They weren’t around at all 10 years ago. They launch games on high graphic settings, and the battery life has doubled.
– In the early 2010s, PSPs were the thing. You could play 3-4 hours without recharging, enjoy 3D graphics, convenient controls, a large screen, and an affordable price – any teenager’s dream!
– But even just 10 years ago, Wi-Fi wasn’t very fast. Back then, no one could’ve imagined that it’d be possible to watch 4K videos online without constant buffers and crashes!
– So-called “5D data storage” has already been invented. These are small thin glass disks that can withstand extreme temperatures and accommodate 360 terabytes of data.
– You won’t surprise anyone with ultra-thin TVs now, but imagine a large plasma panel that can be rolled up like a piece of paper. Major electronics manufacturers are already working on this.
– AR-lenses will appear. They won’t only complement our reality with an amazing computer interface, they’ll also be able to improve your vision!
– Scientists have already managed to scan the visual parts of the brain of a person watching videos. A computer then calculated the signals and converted them into an image.
– Thanks to AI, humanity will be able to increase the speed of huge technological advancements hundreds of times! It’ll make our lives easier in countless spheres – transportation, medicine, banking, research, entertainment – get ready for some big changes!

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