Why Birds don't get shocked on electric power lines in Urdu/Hindi

Why Birds don't get shocked on electric power lines in Urdu/Hindi

why birds don’t get shocked on electric power lines in Urdu/Hindi
In this video I explain a basic query about why don’t birds get electric shock when they sit on wires or why birds are not electrocuted while sitting in the electrical line and why birds don’t get electric shock in Urdu language.

We know that extra high voltages are present at every time in high voltage transmission lines and we see around in our daily life many birds like sparrows crows and Pigeons etc are sitting on those wires and get not shocked.

So there are 2 reasons behind this mystery I explain and brief with the help of some practical examples in our daily life and covered some basic questions regarding this like why don’t birds get electrocuted on power cables why don’t birds get shocked on power lines why birds do not get shocked on power lines or why don’t birds get electric shock.

So after watching this video Your concept will be cleared about that why get not shocked when any bird sitting on electrical wire so please watch complete video and press like.

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