Wind Energy: How BASF Enables Perpetual Motion on the Skyline

Wind Energy: How BASF Enables Perpetual Motion on the Skyline

A modern wind turbine has to endure at least 20 years of service. It is subjected to enormous dynamic stress. Here is where innovative chemistry comes into play.

The film shows the usage of chemicals with the example of huge rotor blades. The rotor blades can be up to 60 meters long and are exposed to continuous dynamic stress. Wind power is a never ending confrontation with the forces of the environment. Chemistry by BASF helps to stand this challenge. It ensures that the production of wind turbines and thus the generation of electricity by wind power is cheaper. In addition the rotor blades are long-lasting and robust. This allows wind energy to be a sustainable contribution to the future energy mix with other energy sources on the way to a low carbon society.

The partnership of the wind power industry and BASF is illustrated by the example of ENERCON GmbH. They use special coatings and resin hardener mixtures for the production of rotor blades for wind turbines.

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